One night on Arran

Before we headed to Glasgow for New Year, our friend K asked us whether we would like to spend a night at her mum and step-dad’s place on Arran. Having never been to Arran, we jumped at the chance. After taking a train to Glasgow, eating lunch at the train station there and then jumping on another train to Adrossan Harbour, we were finally on a ferry to the island. The sun was just starting to set as the ferry left. (The photos below were taken with sunset mode… it wasn’t actually that dark ;-))

I didn’t get any decent photos as we approached the shore, so I’ll just skip ahead a bit…

After a lovely evening with K’s family and a good night’s sleep, we were up bright and early so we could see something of the island before taking the ferry back across to the mainland. We went for a nice long walk with the dog. Check out the gorgeous scenery!

My camera couldn’t do it justice… in real life it’s even prettier!

After a lunch of pancakes, made by K’s lovely mum, we were dropped back off at the ferry port for the trip back over to the mainland (and on to Glasgow). Here are some photos from the ferry crossing:

In the interests of fairness, I should mention that the last set of photos was taken by Jan… I chose staying cosy inside the ferry over going out in the wind.

Arran is stunning and it’s a shame we only got to spend a short time there. I would definitely like to go back some time, preferably in summer when it stays light for longer in the evening.

Have you been to any Scottish islands? What did you think?


20 thoughts on “One night on Arran

  1. I really regret that I didn’t go to Arran. For a very short time I lived not too far from there and it was always my intention to hop across on the ferry but other things unfortunately got in the way. But I did get over to Great Cumbrae a few times which is a really cute place.
    On my honeymoon (with my first husband) I went to the Isle of Mull. That feels like another lifetime ago!!
    Then I actually looked at a house on the Isle of Bute. But it wasn’t the right house for our family. Which was sad because I really fancied Island life. Of course, I’m glad now because I wouldn’t have met my second husband. šŸ˜‰
    I’ve been to Skye twice. The first time just for two nights and just with my second husband. We loved it so much that we took the kids there for a week a couple of years ago. We all loved it so much. One of my children actually cried when we had to leave. Stunning.

  2. I love Arran! I lived in Glasgow for a year about 5 years ago, and one of the few trips I did was to spend 4 days in Arran – 4 of the best days from my time in Scotland. I still have a photo of Goat Fell as my desktop background on my laptop šŸ™‚

  3. OOoh, it looks wonderful!!! I really would like to go there as I have a thing about small islands!! We have a friend from my Music Camp who lives there so I keep thinking we should go and see her!!! I will look at my books later and send you a list of what books are ON THE MOVE!!x

  4. I spent a week on Iona with a group from church quite some time ago. It is a WONDERFUL place – even if you’re not of a religious bent – although for a Christian it is super to stay in the Abbey, and attend services there. My Godson (who was 9 at the time) came too, and we had a lovely bonding time too. We visited Staffa, to see the puffins and Fingal’s Cave, we walked, we did crafts, we had afternoon tea together. Iona has been described as “a thin place” – that is to say, a place where heaven seems nearer than in other places. I think it’s true. I’d love to go back…Maybe I should try to organise a pilgrimage from church…

  5. Oh what a really beautiful little island. It reminds me of when we went to Stockholm and went to one of the island on the archipelago, there’s just something really awesome about being on an island. Well, at least to me there is. I like the contained feeling they have, or the seperated-from-everything-else feeling.

    Oh Scotland, how I want to go there.

    1. We did that in Stockholm. It was amazing! Especially since until the ferry came back in the evening there was no way off the island, which just adds to the “separate from everything” feeling.

      You really must go to Scotland! It has so many amazing and beautiful places!

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