… and it still isn’t Christmas

Does anyone else feel like “the season” has been going on forever? The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of buying and wrapping presents, trips to the post office (the last of my parcels to England finally went out last week), parties and Christmas markets. And in between all that I’ve had to do the assessment for my science course (a last minute job which I’m dreading getting the result for), work and keep on top the mundane every day things like cleaning the flat and making sure we have actual food to eat. The upside is that I now have lots to tell my blog. Unfortunately I still don’t have any time, so it’s going to have to be another boring bullet point list. Sorry about that…

  • I want to Mainz last Saturday with my ex-colleagues. I had never been to Mainz before. We went to the Christmas market, where the Glühwein was much cheaper than everywhere else I’ve been. Mainz is a bit of a strange town. It’s really pretty around the market square then you walk into the shopping street and it’s all horrible grey concrete buildings and huge glass monstrosities. The Christmas market was nice though.
  • It’s been snowing here on and off for the past few days. This is worth mentioning because it’s so unusual. Not that Karlsruhe never gets snow, but the little bit that does come is not usually this early. It’s also freezing. Yesterday it was -12°C! I had to go out in it to buy stuff for a Christmas party I hosted last night. It was so bad that I actually got on the tram to go one stop, which I usually think is a waste of time.
  • I had a progress meeting at work last week. There are a few things I’ve been asked to work on, but the verdict was generally positive (and no mention was made of my social skills… or lack thereof. There is something to be learned from this I’m sure…)
  • Last week we went to both my work Christmas meal (at an Italian restaurant) and Jan’s work Christmas party. Mine was more fun, although we missed the last train home and ended up having to wait until 1:06am for a train that would take us to Bruchsal, where we had to change onto an S-Bahn. I also had to work the next day. Tired is not the word…
  • I received a parcel last week, from the lovely Katyboo. It contained a Christmas card and a book – The Children of Green Knowe. Unexpected and very nice – I’ve been wanting to read that book for ages! 🙂
  • On Friday I went to the Christmas market in Mannheim with my colleagues. It was nice but so cold that we only stayed long enough to have something to eat and drink one Glühwein. I was back in Karlsruhe by 9pm!
  • Two more days at work then I’m off for Christmas. We’re staying in Germany this year (at Jan’s dad’s place) then going to Italy to visit his sister for New Year. Exciting stuff.

And now I have to go and do something about my flat, which is still suffering from the after effects of a Christmas party. It may take some time…


6 thoughts on “… and it still isn’t Christmas

  1. The Christmas season in the US doesn’t “start” until after Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November) so it never seems to drag on. Just go too fast.

    All this talk about Germany and Christmas markets makes me wish I were there! Also, -12 Celsius is often normal for Minnesota. Well, a little on the colder side but it is known to get down to -23. 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas honey
    I got a parcel message from the post office. May be yours. Will try to pick it up tomorrow and let you know. Have a fabulous time.xxx

  3. Sounds like you’ve been very busy – in a very fun way, what with Christmas markets and parties and so on. And staying in Germany for Christmas then off to Italy for New Year’s sounds so wonderful to this Canadian! I’m sure it will all be lovely. Hope you have the chance to simply kick back and relax and enjoy the season – even if you are finding it long and drawn-out!

  4. Yes please Anna

    Amanda – The Christmas season doesn’t “offically” start here til the Christmas markets open (end of November) but I had to start my Christmas shopping way earlier than that to get everything sent to England in time. I’m now mentally exhausted from thinking of presents for people and physically exhausted from all the walking round shops and trips to the post office with heavy parcels!
    Apparantly it was -33 in some parts of southern Germany. We were lucky as Karlsruhe is one of the warmest places! Still too cold for my fingers though!

    Katy – I hope it is mine. Merry Christmas!

    pinklea – very busy, now very tired. Work’s finished now so now I can relax (and maybe get back into the spirit of things…). Can’t wait for Italy though. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas and new year xx

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