A Photo an Hour: 20 February 2016

A small miracle happened this weekend… I actually remembered to take part in photo an hour! (Unlike in January, when I remembered it right up until the night before then ignored my camera entirely in the morning). It was Fasnacht day in my small town, so I actually did something other than sit on the sofa for a change. It still wasn’t the most exciting of days, but you can’t have everything πŸ˜‰

10 a.m. Awake… ish. Can’t function until I have a cup of tea!

11 a.m. Cross stitching. Can’t show you what I’m working on yet πŸ˜‰

12 noon. Finishing cuppa number 2 before going for a shower.

1 p.m. (ish). I was actually in the shower at 1, so more like 20 past. Getting dressed for the day.

2 p.m. It was raining and not much was happening, so we decided to eat something before the parade started. I chose meat on a stick (sorry vegetarians).

3 p.m. Parade time! And the rain had actually stopped.

4 p.m. “Who’s going to clean up all the confetti before the trams get going again?”

4.30 p.m. Bonus photo because I didn’t take an even number. My loot from the parade! A group with an anti-vegan float gave me the sausage πŸ˜€ Not pictured: the world’s smallest carrot and my flowers (which were already in vases). Jan got even moooore sweets, two oranges and a leek.

5 p.m. We thought we’d pop back out to see what was happening post-parade. It turned out there wasn’t much point in being there if you weren’t part of one of the groups, so we quickly came home. This is my hat after I removed the confetti! Some lingered…

6 p.m. Back home drinking more tea. The yellow flowers in the background are from the Fasnacht parade.

7 p.m. Time to make tea!

8 p.m. Tea time! Bratkartofflen (potato fritters) with sausage plus fish and spinach. An odd combination, but it worked.

9 p.m. Having a beer while watching what turned out to be an awesome episode of Farscape. We’re nearly finished now… what will I do when there are no more episodes?!

10 p.m. Off to read a book in bed. I love my starry PJs!

I should really have taken another photo at 11, which is when I put down my book and turned out the light, but the camera was across the room and I was lazy… hence the bonus photo earlier in the post to keep things even πŸ˜‰

What did you all get up to on Saturday?


13 thoughts on “A Photo an Hour: 20 February 2016

  1. Those are some seriously fancy tights! I like it! I feel like this is the first time that I’ve seen your face, I might be wrong, but apart from your profile pic (which is too small for me to really see) I don’t think I’ve seen your face before…

    And now that’s creepy to point that out, so I should leave.

    1. LOL, for some reason this comment amused me πŸ˜€
      I only post photos of myself rarely, partly because I don’t want tooo many photos of my face out there, but also when we go places I take all the photos and I don’t do selfies! Rarely Jan will take the camera so I can actually be in a photo, or he’ll take one of me with his phone that I then never see again because he never uploads them anywhere.

  2. My husband was served Chorizo with hake on Sunday in a restaurant so I am quite sure sausage and fish works! It’s just a pity he is pescetarian!
    I love your hat! Can’t resist the sight of sheepskin drool!!!x
    The parade sounds great- freeebies!??!?!?!?!xx

  3. They do seem to like their meats over there don’t they? Great photos! I love the confetti one! I’m looking forward to see what you’re stitching πŸ™‚ Oh and I have the same pyjamas but in pink! SO comfy! x

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