Guess the Cross Stitch Volume 5 – Reveal

Wow, the picture I gave you for the last round must have been too easy. Only three rounds for you to correctly guess what I was stitching!

Before I show you the final, finished image let’s have a look at your guesses from round 3. Here’s what you had to work with:


Erin guessed a dinosaur holding a balloon.

Elaine said “I think I might stick with my previous guess of the balloon being held by something, but will refine it to say it’s a teddy bear. Although there is the suggestion of a tail, so maybe it’s a puppy.”

Holly guessed a blue teddy holding a balloon.

Continuing the theme, Alison guessed a gingham bear holding a balloon.

And finally, both Sarah and Kezzie guessed a boy holding a balloon (Kezzie’s boy had his leg in the air).

And now, I can reveal, this:

teddy cross stitch

Congratulations Elaine, Holly and Alison!

And here’s the final completed card:

teddy card

To be honest it looked better before I added the writing. I suck at nice writing! *Sigh*

Thanks for playing along, everyone 🙂

Guess the Cross Stitch Volume 5 – Round 3

Moving on with my cross stitch guessing game…

Here’s what you had to work with last time:


And here are your guesses:

Elaine guessed that a yellow balloon is involved, possibly being held by a cute animal of some sort.

Storm guessed a clown, in blue plaid, holding a balloon.

Jowi guessed a train.

Beth said “I’m seeing Trumplethinskin’s golden toilet and a jail cell, which you would definitely not send to a 1-year-old.” Obviously she is right about it not being suitable, but Trumplethinskin is just amazing and needs to be shared with everyone!

Erin said she still sees a castle, but decided to change her answer to a sail boat.

Kezzie also saw a yellow balloon and asked: “Is it a boy in blue checked dungarees holding a yellow balloon?”

And finally, someone calling themselves Lana Banana said “I see a tower with a yellow ballon attached to it.”

Such diverse answers! I love that about you guys 🙂
Nobody guessed the entire thing, but I will give you this much: everyone who mentioned a balloon was correct! But what’s with the balloon?

Why don’t you give this picture a go?


What am I stitching? (Or rather what was I stitching, the card has long been with the recipient ;-)) Answers in the comments, as usual.


Guess the Cross Stitch Volume 5 – round 2

There weren’t many guesses for the first round of “Guess the Cross Stitch”. Is this one too hard or is everyone just busy/bored with my blog? Either way, before we continue with round 2 I will present the guesses I’ve had so far.

Here’s what you had to work with:



Maia thought it might be a teddy bears’ picnic, with the checked part being a blanket.

Erin guessed a castle.

Jack thought it might be a TARDIS (I knew someone would ;-))

Kezzie thought maybe a Monsters, Inc. character or Thomas the Tank Engine – both very fitting for a 1st birthday card.

And that was it. Just four guesses this time. Nobody got it right, so on to round 2. Here’s a new photo with more completed:


So, now can you guess what I’m stitching? Answers in the comments…

Guess the cross stitch volume 5

Hello everyone. Sorry I’ve been a bit absent this week – being off work I haven’t really felt like turning on the computer, and for reasons unknown to me I can’t post from my tablet! But I thought I would quickly pop in before the week is over with an easy kind of post. A few people have asked whether I’ll be doing a cross stitch guessing game this year, and I’m finally stitching something that seems suitable. I was quite surprised to realise that this is the 5th time I’ve done one of these!

The rules are simple: I post a photo of something I’m cross stitching and you tell me what you think the completed image will be. If nobody guesses correctly I post an updated picture and you try to guess from that. I will give you one clue: it’s a birthday card for a boy who is turning one (also yes it is the right way up!).

Here’s your first photo:


Have fun!

Guess the cross stitch volume 4 – the reveal

We will not be moving on to round four of this edition of guess the cross stitch because we’ve already had some correct guesses! Yes, that’s right, plural. More than one person got it right.

But before we move on with the reveal, let’s look at what you had to work with last time and your responses.


Beth from Ami im Schwabenland guessed a pony or more specifically, a rocking horse, although the head is kind of big. Possibly a rocking dragon, but I’ll stick with rocking horse – with a rider. One of those guesses was close…

Lady of the Cakes, who previously guessed a lake full of naked people, said “Oh no, the naked people have peed in the lake!“. Funnily enough, that’s not what I was stitching…

Maia guessed Yoshi, which I liked a lot.

Kerri from Life as Unusuals thought it looked familiar and maybe like Spyro, except he was purple (a purple dragon from a computer game for those who don’t know). She then went on to guess some kind of dragon and gave a pirate map as her second guess.

Elaine from I Used to be Indecisive thought it might be a seasick clown. Not quite…

BerLinda said that I was turning it into a tap-dancing frog. At least she’s consistent 😉

Charlotte said she was going to guess either Yoshi or a winged dragon, but people had already said those. It still counts if you guess the same as other people, Charlotte!

Kezzie guessed two dinosaurs fighting up a tree. So creative!

Finally, TexErin listed every green animal she could think of and asked “Is it a parrot? Or a dinosaur? Or an alligator? Or crocodile? (because we know it’s not a frog or a turtle – haha!)

So what on Earth was I stitching? Here’s your answer:


Well done Beth, Kerri and Charlotte! It is indeed a dragon, although not a rocking one.

Thanks for playing everyone 🙂

Guess the cross stitch volume 4 – Round 3

Nobody guessed right in round 2, so we can move on to round 3. But first let’s have a look at the responses from last time.

Here’s what you were working with:


And here’s what all my lovely readers had to say:

Lady of the Cakes said I had ripped off one of her photos and was stitching a swirly lake with naked people in it. The perfect card for a little boy, don’t you think?

Sarah from Life of Ryrie guessed a witch, possibly the one from Room on the Broom. As soon as I read that I immediately saw the witch! Unfortunately, that’s not the answer.

Kerri from Life as Unusuals thought it might be a ninja turtle. The recipient would love that, I’m sure, but nope.

Zoe guessed The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. A bit early in the year maybe?

BerLinda was mostly relieved that I’m not already doing Christmas things! And guessed a tap-dancing frog. I actually love that idea 😀

Erin from TexErin in Sydneyland also guessed a frog, based on her strategy of thinking of anything green! It’s actually not a bad guess, but it’s not the right answer.

Elaine from I Used to be Indecisive thought it might be the Loch Ness Monster. Since nobody actually knows what Nessie looks like it definitely could be 😀

Finally, Kezzie guessed a leprechaun, since she was on a boat to Ireland, and also asked whether I was deliberately stitching in an obtuse order to confuse you all with colours and shapes. As if I would 😉

For round 3, I’ve added a bit more colour for you. Maybe that will help? What do you see in this picture?


Answers in the comments, via Twitter or on the Facebook page!


Guess the cross stitch volume 4 – Round 2

Since I’m away this weekend it seemed like a good time to put up round 2 of guess the cross stitch. But before I show you your new photo, let’s have a look at the guesses from round 1. This is what you had to work with:


And your guesses:

Cliff1976 of Regensblog guessed it was going to be a teapot.

Kezzie guessed The Incredible Hulk. The boy I’m stitching it for would love that, but unfortunately I do not have an Incredible Hulk pattern.

A popular guess was a duck. Charlotte, my friend K (via Twitter) and Emma from Ever Emma all guessed that (actually, K went with duck “because Cthulhu is probably not suitable for a small child”).

Kerri from Life as Unusuals guessed a green monster, which is actually not bad!

Finally, Elaine from I used to be Indecisive went with a dinosaur. Again a good guess, but not the right one.

Since nobody got it right straight away, we can move on to round 2. Take a look at this picture then tell me what you think I’m stitching:


Answers in the comments (or via Twitter if you prefer).

Guess the cross stitch volume 4

We haven’t played a game of “Guess the cross stitch” for a while and I’m currently working on one that seems suitable, so why not?

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while should already know how it works. For the rest of you, the rules are simple: Take a look at the picture below and try and guess what the the completed cross stitch will depict. Answers in the comments. I’ll give you a few days to guess then post a new photo with more of the image completed.

This time your clue is that the project will end up as a birthday card for a small boy. Here’s what you have to work with:


Now over to you. What am I stitching?

Guess the Christmas Cross Stitch 2015 – REVEAL!

I promised you a reveal today, and a reveal you shall get! I’m not 100% finished yet (lots of backstitching still to do!), but I think I’ve done enough for you to be able to see what it is. But first of all, we’ll have a look at the guesses from last time. Also, I know some of you have been wondering why I stopped the regular updates. The answer is I’ve always made it a rule to stop the game and reveal what I was stitching once somebody guessed correctly. Yes, you read that right… somebody gave me the right answer last time, or at least something close enough for me to count it. Here’s what I gave you to work with last time:

cross stitch 2015

And here are your guesses:

Kezzie said “I’m still seeing a rabbit in there- so I am sticking with pile of animals!x” When I said no rabbits, she guessed there was a deer in there.

Elaine said: “I think it’s at least three animals sitting on a sledge/sleigh – something large and silver (Moomin/hippo/pony wearing something green, a rabbit/reindeer and a little mouse wearing a dark jacket. This is a hard one!”. Inventive, but not right.

JJ said: “I see a dog with a man sitting on it. Either the dog is huge or the man is tiny – maybe it’s one of Santa’s little helpers?”. Part of this answer was along the right lines..

xstitchbee said: “I’m seeing a puppy snuggled up on the right & no idea what’s on the left ha xx” – Getting closer!

Charlotte said: “GOT IT! It’s a man carving a turkey.” Clever! But not the right answer.

Katrin, who had previously guessed a rabbit and a ghost on a sleigh added: “The teddy bear carries a sword. There’s a lot going on on that sleigh.”

Josie Beanz said: “I think it’s a guinea pig and a rabbit curled up asleep inside an old boot. The blue is the sole of the boot and the bottom has been cut open so you can see the creatures inside.” This was actually a fairly good guess, but not quite right.

Becster said: “It looks like a reindeer falling flat on it’s arse on some ice – this is a toughie!!!!”

And finally, we come to Sarah’s comment: “I’ve been totally stumped up until now. But now I finally see something: a cat and a dog snuggling. Maybe in a basket or something – can’t make out what the colors on the edge will be.” First time guessing, and BINGO!!
Also, an additional shout out to xstitchbee, who amended her previous guess to “No wait… I think it’s a puppy and a cat curled up!!” Sarah was first though, and she was almost spot on… except it’s not a basket.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… here’s what I was actually stitching:

Christmas cross stitch

It is, in fact, a cat and a dog snuggled up inside a Santa hat! The red in the middle that had you all so confused is the puppy’s collar 😉

Next year, I’m choosing something with fewer colours and no bloody fractional stitches! Also, I’m not sure what possessed me to pick something with multiple coloured backstitching! Clearly I was suffering from temporary insanity! Oh well, now I can finally get on with my other Christmas cards… all of which will feature small, easy pictures!

Guess the Christmas Cross Stitch 2015 – round 6

Okay, I think I’ve left you in suspense for long enough 😉 Time for another update in this series. But first, of course, we need to take a look at the guesses from last time. Here’s the picture I gave you:

DSCN3060Zoe‘s initial thought was “It’s a hippo building a rocking horse (ok, more likely a polar bear given the context but it looks like a hippo here)”, but then she changed her mind after seeing Becster‘s guess: “It’s a Moomin and it’s creepy red haired friend riding a horse!” – I love both of these ideas and can certainly see where their coming from with the Moomin!

Katrin said “The ghost has a teddy bear in his hands now.” – you may remember that she had previously guessed a squirrel and a ghost on a sleigh.

Kezzie guessed “It’s a big pile of animals! That’s a rabbit in the middle!x” This is… interesting 😉 No more shall be said for now.

Lady of the Cakes refused to guess – saying “That is just a total mess now…!”. How very rude! 😉

Elaine said “Oh dear, I am confused now. I can’t decide if it’s a rabbit or a reindeer! I think there might be lots of silver sparkles flowing out from the back of the creature’s head.” Reindeers… rabbits… Hmmm.

Constance guessed that it’s “a hippo on a sleigh with a present in the front!”. Great guess – I can see the hippo too!

Charlotte said: “It’s baby Jesus in the manger and the ghost of Christmas past reaching over into it to pick him up. (That’s how the story goes, right???)” – I’m a little hazy on my Christmas story but that sounds about right to me 😉

Meredith said: “I really can’t tell! All I see are vague outlines of animals – a squirrel, a reindeer, possibly a friendly penguin…” LOL, sorry. I picked a difficult one this year.

And finally, NancyTex said “Well, clearly this is a white horse (possibly a unicorn), seated upright and carrying a black clutch purse, whilst blowing out the flame of an oil lamp. (On a magic carpet).” – This sounds amazing and I really want to stitch it now. Someone design it for me please?

And now on to this round’s image. I took pity on you this time and stitched a few more details. Maybe it will help. Or maybe not 😉 Here you are:

cross stitch 2015Have fun! If nobody gets it this round I’ll put up a new picture next week or something. Guesses in the comments, as always.